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Our relationships in the education industry has become a crucial part of our academic initiative. We form partnerships locally and internationally with other institutions to expand our globally. Our school has developed these partnerships to promote the outstanding Canadian education standards in North America. we have a vast majority of students looking to pursue further education in Ontario for university or college.

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At Canadian National Academy, we teach students in Grades 1 through 12, who demonstrate good self-regulation, maturity, and interest in virtual learning.

Our students may choose to become full-time students or, alternatively, to take single courses.

Our students will earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) upon completion of all Ministry of Education requirements.


All of our students go through a screening process which will verify that they are the right candidates for our school.

This may include:

English proficiency test prior to admission

Proof of completion of pre-requisites prior to course commencement

Canadian Test of Basic Skills, shortly after admission

If necessary, there may also be specific subject test(s)


Completing the registration application form will trigger the student screening process. A letter of acceptance from the school will complete the registration process.


Our previous students have expressed their personal experience at Canadian National Academy. They have embraced their academic transformation going from students to leaders within throughout their educational journey at Canadian National Academy.


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What type of school is Canadian National Academy?

Canadian National Academy is an Online School, based in Toronto. Canadian National Academy issues Ontario Secondary School Diplomas (OSSD) to students who successfully complete their program.

Who can apply and who can I contact for further information/ inquiries?


Any grade 1 – 12 student who would like to study the Ontario curriculum, and eventually graduate with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

A screening process may apply.

How do I access my course material and assignment outlines?

Course work, assignments, and online assessments are located on our virtual learning board called Moodle. This is an organized online system that keeps track of each and every course alongside with each individual’s marks. This gives the student and their parents the opportunity to monitor their progression in the course.


Am I able to take a course in my home country?

Yes, it is possible to take a course in your home country as Canadian National Academy is an online school providing educational services globally. 


Canadian National Academy abides by the following protocols and procedures indicated by the Ministry of Education.  Here is a list of all processes that are required for our institution.


Proctored Assessments  


Proctored exams are delivered online, by an assigned invigilator supervising each individual as they write their exams. Once the testing has been completed all assessments are sent directly to the principal following our mandatory procedure.

Rules for examination

There are two options given for this scenario. The final exam can either be written at our office in Richmond Hill which a member of the admissions department will coordinate, or you may proceed with writing it at home via the proctoring method.

Cheat sheets

Cheat sheets are only provided by the instructor for designated courses. These sheets are prepared by the teacher of the assigned course and will be delivered to the student prior to the exam date. If a student is caught cheating in the process their mark will result in an automatic 0. No negotiation is permitted in this particular scenario.


Extension Request


Students are granted an extension under the circumstances of permission through our admissions department or a medical note provided by your doctor.

Non-Refundable student application fee

At Canadian National Academy we do not issue a refund back for our application fee. However, there are two options given to the individual if they have completed the registration and made a full payment. 


A student or guardian has 48 hours to submit a refund request. 

If a student doesn’t log into their online portal after a week of being registered at Canadian National Academy they are permitted to receive their full refund back, excluding the application fee. 

Marks and Transcript

We send an official hard copy of your report card to your home school upon the completion of your course. Shortly after, your home school would put the completed course on your transcript.

The Moodle System


At Canadian National Academy we use an online learning platform called Moodle which is an LMS system to conduct classes. This system personalizes learning environments for students giving them direct access to all of their course material through their Moodle account. The benefit of using Moodle is that students can access it at any place or time regardless of their location.

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