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Our Services

Canadian National Academy provides each student with a variety of essential services. These platforms are created for students to become successful at achieving their goals. We make it our mission to work with each student to help them thrive in order to reach their full potential.



This service entails a one to one session once a month with their teacher for the specific course they are enrolled in. It is the teacher’s responsibility to inform the student of their progression in class. This practice is put into effect simply to monitor each student’s performance and to provide methods of improvement.



Just like any other high school, Canadian National Academy offers academic guidance for each individual. Especially for our grade 12 students, we communicate on a regular basis to keep you on track for your future plans. We work diligently with our students on the application process for college and university, given that students meet all academic requirements.

Our four-step process


The objective of the planning stage is to determine what each students’ goals and aspirations are. With this information we are able to help students create a clear path for a successful future. 


In order for students to customize their education to their needs, each individual has the opportunity to meet with a counselor from Canadian National Academy. The councilor is highly responsible for creating a plan that helps the student achieve their academic goals. For example, accommodations may include an IEP, tutoring sessions, or scheduling extra time on assignments/examinations if needed. Canadian National Academy’s first priority is providing elite education that each individual deserves! 



During the graduation phase, students are required to have documents, applications, course work, and marks completed. It is our job to assist students with these mandatory requirements as they are used in the process of further education. We make sure that all members of staff are heavily invested in this particular process as this step plays a vital role in each individual's future. 


Alongside with education comes a career path. Canadian National Academy encourages our students to consider all of their options. We sit with our students and help them explore career options for the designated field they would like to pursue and offer guidance to help them come to a decision. For example, we spend time mapping out what universities/ colleges have to offer beyond the point of education, such as placements, internships, exchange programs, etc. We dedicate time to focus on each individual at Canadian National Academy. It is our duty to perform at our best so that each student succeeds in life!

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