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Our Curriculum

Canadian National Academy also offers various courses from grades 9-12. Our focus is to provide classes that would interest you and help you build your career.

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Grade 9 Courses


Refer to these courses as the “Foundation” courses.

Grade 9 is the first stepping stone towards achieving the Ontario Secondary School diploma. Once you master these courses, you will begin building a foundation that will help support your learning in the next few grades. 

Grade 10 Courses


Referred to as the “Sophomore” courses, students would usually start to decide their field(s) of pursuit.

These courses will strengthen your base while giving you some insight into university and college-level courses. These courses will also serve as prerequisites for future courses that you may choose.

Grade 11 Courses


Students entering Grade 11, also known as “University Prep” courses, know how crucial it is to maintain high grades for early acceptance to university and/or college admissions.

We offer various grade 11 courses that will help you decide the path of study you would like to pursue in University. This will give you an advantage when applying to post-secondary schools.

Grade 12 Courses


Welcome to Grade 12, also known as our “Top 6” courses.

This is your final and most important year as a student. We call this the “Top 6” because students must focus on scoring the best possible marks in the top 6 courses for this grade. These courses are instrumental to being accepted into the top universities and colleges in Canada.

The Moodle System


At Canadian National Academy we use an online learning platform called Moodle which is an LMS system to conduct classes. This system personalizes learning environments for students giving them direct access to all of their course material through their Moodle account. The benefit of using Moodle is that students can access it at any place or time regardless of their location.

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